Why Should We invest in Cryptocurrency ICO’s in 2018?

Why should anyone invest in cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology appears to be the future we talked about some years ago and its right before us. This commercial phenomenon is stirring the global marketplace of currencies. One may want to ask why I should invest in cryptocurrencies. Well, here are a few reasons to consider:

There’s been an upsurge in bitcoin investments right from 2011 and those who had invested in it about six years back or more are smiling to the bank. Investors are still clamouring to discover the easiest means to breaking into the bitcoin market.

The next rising cryptocurrencies such as the Ethereum is experiencing the same upward surge in value as compared with US dollars, making it the next best thing to bitcoin. Following various predictions by economic and financial market veterans, Ethereum will pose a big competition and may challenge the position of bitcoin in years to come, all these are not usually quickly foreseen at the birth of any new cryptocurrencies, but after having studied the patterns, using bitcoin and ethereum as an instance, it is obvious that almost all cryptocurrencies stand an equal chance of breaking through the market if not otherwise, and you as an investor might just be very lucky.

All the aforementioned are the reasons why investing in cryptocurrencies right away is the real deal. We saw an insane surge of Cryptocurrency ICOS’s in 2017/ 2018. These are totally different from the regular stock as they strictly involve purchasing shares of a company and gaining ownership of a little percentage of the company, while purchasing bitcoin, ethereum or other cryptocurrencies will grant you digital token which you can use for numerous purposes. However, while bitcoin offers you decentralized currency with partial anonymity, ethereum grants you a part of the power through which decentralized apps operate as well as smart contracts.

Trading cryptocurrencies have been made simpler, you can choose to trade on various platforms and volumes can be offered through bank transfers or credit cards. To learn more about what cryptocurrencies are check out this helpful video.

It can be traded through coinbase which is relatively gaining popularity but has a major downside of trading off in higher fees. There are various exchanges such as GDAX, Kraken, Bitfinex, Poloniex and Gemini through which volumes are offered to banks for transactions.