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How To Scan Your Computer for Bitcoin

How To Scan Your Computer for Bitcoin

The word computer becomes the buzz today. Each and every people work on the computer. It is used for storage and personal use. The computer calculates the number or problem fast as compared to the normal person. The speed of the computer is equal to the speed of the 100 people. It made life easy and digital or we can say the world has become digital. One more step toward the digitalization is to use digital currency.

The first digital currency was developed by a Japanese programmer in 2009. The first digital currency is Bitcoin and it is a very noted and well-known currency. After bitcoin, many more digital currencies are developed but no one bit the Bitcoin. 

As we all know if you want to buy bitcoin then the computer is the most crucial thing that you should have. Without a computer or any smart device, you cannot access the bitcoin wallets and details about the transactions.

Nowadays computer hackers are increasing and hacking the system. According to IBM Managed Security Services, the Malware incidents are increased by six times as compared to the other years. They can easily hack your computer and operate them. 

Here are some tips to scan your computer for bitcoins:

1. Check the speed of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) 

Start the computer and check the usage of the CPU if the usage is high as compared to the earlier then there are some issues. But the question is how to check the usage? For those people who are using the MAC then they go to the Activity Manager and those people who are using the windows then go to the Task Manager. You can easily check out the CPU usage. 

If your computer suddenly working slowly or hang on a particular website, it is a very dangerous stage for the users. If your comport is closed but the CPU is still working and the usage of the CPU is high as compared to normal usage then the virus has entered your computer and it’s extremely harmful to your device. 

2. AD-Blockers Software 

It is the one type of software that helps to protect your devices from the Malware virus and also protects from the hacker. It is very famous and necessary software for bitcoin users.