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Buying Bitcoin in Japan

Buying Bitcoin in Japan

Bitcoin is the world-famous cryptocurrency. It is used everywhere. The blockchain technology is used in the Bitcoin. It is the first cryptocurrency developed by Japanese programmer Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. It is very easy to use. 

Some of the important facts for buying Bitcoin in Japan are given in the article:

The process to buy the Bitcoin in Japan:

1. Create an account on any bitcoin exchange.

2. Fill all the information carefully.

3. After creating an account the verification like or the code received in your mobile or Email-Id.

4. Verify the account.

5. For the deposit fill the banking details.

6. For buying or selling the bitcoins visit the buy/sell bitcoin page.

7. Type the amount of bitcoin that you want to receive.

8. Select the buy coins button.

9. After selecting the buy coins button, click on submit.

10. You will successfully purchase the bitcoins.

Payments ways of bitcoins in Japan

There are different ways of bitcoin exchanges used in Japan. All over the world different payment methods used. You can choose as per your requirement and comfort zone. 

Some of the payment ways of bitcoins in Japan are given below:

1. Cash – It is a very popular but very time-consuming process and also takes high transaction fees.

2. Credit or Debit card – With the help of the cards you can easily exchange the currencies in Japan. It is a very easy and fast process of purchasing the Bitcoins. It takes fewer transaction fees. 

3. Online bank transfer – It is one of the popular payment processes for bitcoin exchanges. It also takes low transaction fees. But the main disadvantage of this process is, it takes 5 business days to make one transaction.

4. ATM – It is a very famous and trending way for bitcoin exchange. It is a very safe and secure way of selling or purchasing the bitcoins. 

Bitcoin Legal in Japan

In 2017 the government of Japan legally authorized the use of cryptocurrencies in Japan. Nowadays different cryptocurrencies are used in Japan. According to Google research, near about 14 bitcoin ATMs are available.