How to Find My Old Bitcoin Wallet

How to Find My Old Bitcoin Wallet

Many people do not know about bitcoins. It is very popular in big cities all over the world. But the people who belong to the small cities are not aware of the bitcoins. They don’t know What is bitcoin? How to use the bitcoins? And many more things. It was invented by the brilliant programmer of Japan in 2009. At that, only a few people know about the bitcoins. For making the country digital the most important thing is used digital currencies that are cryptocurrencies.

The first paper Bitcoin – Peer to peer cash system was published by Satoshi Nakamoto but no one noticed that. The first person in the world who downloaded the software of the bitcoin is Hal Finney and on 12 Jan 2019, Hal Finney made the first transaction and received the 10 bitcoins from Satoshi Nakamoto.

If you are using the bitcoin wallet and suppose you lost your bitcoin wallet then it will become an extremely difficult situation for you. It is very hard to search for the old bitcoin wallet. There is no specific way to find the old bitcoin wallet. The first thing you should do is remember the last task that you have done by the bitcoin wallet. I know, this solution is common for searching the old bitcoin but trust me it is the best and safe way to find the old bitcoin wallet. Go backward step by step and remember all the things related to bitcoins or how many places you used the bitcoin wallets. 

There are different types of Bitcoin wallets. Some of them are given below-

Hardware wallet – Some people used the hardware wallet. If you lost the hardware wallet then search it on the house and the place where you stored your cryptocurrencies.

Desktop wallet – If you come in those people who used the desktop wallet then search the computer and most of the people kept the copies of the wallets in the unknown folders. 

Mobile wallet – If you are using the mobile app wallet then you can easily find the wallet. If you are able to find the app then reinstalled the app and you will get your wallet return.