Buying Bitcoin in Japan

Buying Bitcoin in Japan

Bitcoin is the world-famous cryptocurrency. It is used everywhere. The blockchain technology is used in the Bitcoin. It is the first cryptocurrency developed by Japanese programmer Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. It is very easy to use. 

Some of the important facts for buying Bitcoin in Japan are given in the article:

The process to buy the Bitcoin in Japan:

1. Create an account on any bitcoin exchange.

2. Fill all the information carefully.

3. After creating an account the verification like or the code received in your mobile or Email-Id.

4. Verify the account.

5. For the deposit fill the banking details.

6. For buying or selling the bitcoins visit the buy/sell bitcoin page.

7. Type the amount of bitcoin that you want to receive.

8. Select the buy coins button.

9. After selecting the buy coins button, click on submit.

10. You will successfully purchase the bitcoins.

Payments ways of bitcoins in Japan

There are different ways of bitcoin exchanges used in Japan. All over the world different payment methods used. You can choose as per your requirement and comfort zone. 

Some of the payment ways of bitcoins in Japan are given below:

1. Cash – It is a very popular but very time-consuming process and also takes high transaction fees.

2. Credit or Debit card – With the help of the cards you can easily exchange the currencies in Japan. It is a very easy and fast process of purchasing the Bitcoins. It takes fewer transaction fees. 

3. Online bank transfer – It is one of the popular payment processes for bitcoin exchanges. It also takes low transaction fees. But the main disadvantage of this process is, it takes 5 business days to make one transaction.

4. ATM – It is a very famous and trending way for bitcoin exchange. It is a very safe and secure way of selling or purchasing the bitcoins. 

Bitcoin Legal in Japan

In 2017 the government of Japan legally authorized the use of cryptocurrencies in Japan. Nowadays different cryptocurrencies are used in Japan. According to Google research, near about 14 bitcoin ATMs are available.

How To Scan Your Computer for Bitcoin

How To Scan Your Computer for Bitcoin

The word computer becomes the buzz today. Each and every people work on the computer. It is used for storage and personal use. The computer calculates the number or problem fast as compared to the normal person. The speed of the computer is equal to the speed of the 100 people. It made life easy and digital or we can say the world has become digital. One more step toward the digitalization is to use digital currency.

The first digital currency was developed by a Japanese programmer in 2009. The first digital currency is Bitcoin and it is a very noted and well-known currency. After bitcoin, many more digital currencies are developed but no one bit the Bitcoin. 

As we all know if you want to buy bitcoin then the computer is the most crucial thing that you should have. Without a computer or any smart device, you cannot access the bitcoin wallets and details about the transactions.

Nowadays computer hackers are increasing and hacking the system. According to IBM Managed Security Services, the Malware incidents are increased by six times as compared to the other years. They can easily hack your computer and operate them. 

Here are some tips to scan your computer for bitcoins:

1. Check the speed of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) 

Start the computer and check the usage of the CPU if the usage is high as compared to the earlier then there are some issues. But the question is how to check the usage? For those people who are using the MAC then they go to the Activity Manager and those people who are using the windows then go to the Task Manager. You can easily check out the CPU usage. 

If your computer suddenly working slowly or hang on a particular website, it is a very dangerous stage for the users. If your comport is closed but the CPU is still working and the usage of the CPU is high as compared to normal usage then the virus has entered your computer and it’s extremely harmful to your device. 

2. AD-Blockers Software 

It is the one type of software that helps to protect your devices from the Malware virus and also protects from the hacker. It is very famous and necessary software for bitcoin users. 

How to Find My Old Bitcoin Wallet

How to Find My Old Bitcoin Wallet

Many people do not know about bitcoins. It is very popular in big cities all over the world. But the people who belong to the small cities are not aware of the bitcoins. They don’t know What is bitcoin? How to use the bitcoins? And many more things. It was invented by the brilliant programmer of Japan in 2009. At that, only a few people know about the bitcoins. For making the country digital the most important thing is used digital currencies that are cryptocurrencies.

The first paper Bitcoin – Peer to peer cash system was published by Satoshi Nakamoto but no one noticed that. The first person in the world who downloaded the software of the bitcoin is Hal Finney and on 12 Jan 2019, Hal Finney made the first transaction and received the 10 bitcoins from Satoshi Nakamoto.

If you are using the bitcoin wallet and suppose you lost your bitcoin wallet then it will become an extremely difficult situation for you. It is very hard to search for the old bitcoin wallet. There is no specific way to find the old bitcoin wallet. The first thing you should do is remember the last task that you have done by the bitcoin wallet. I know, this solution is common for searching the old bitcoin but trust me it is the best and safe way to find the old bitcoin wallet. Go backward step by step and remember all the things related to bitcoins or how many places you used the bitcoin wallets. 

There are different types of Bitcoin wallets. Some of them are given below-

Hardware wallet – Some people used the hardware wallet. If you lost the hardware wallet then search it on the house and the place where you stored your cryptocurrencies.

Desktop wallet – If you come in those people who used the desktop wallet then search the computer and most of the people kept the copies of the wallets in the unknown folders. 

Mobile wallet – If you are using the mobile app wallet then you can easily find the wallet. If you are able to find the app then reinstalled the app and you will get your wallet return.

How to Read Crypto Charts

How to Read Crypto Charts

Nowadays cryptocurrencies are moving all over the world. The first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin. It was developed in 2009. It was very famous and one of the trending cryptocurrencies. The main part of the using cryptocurrencies is the crypto chart. It is used to check the updates of the transactions and data. But for the newcomers, it is very difficult to understand how to read the crypto chart? 

This article explains how to read the crypto chart step by step.

There are different types of charts used in cryptocurrencies some of them are given below:

1. Line Chart

2. Candlestick Chart

A. Line Chart 

It is the basic type of chart. All the results are shown in Line. The different color shows a different result. It is a basic and easy chart to understand. In this chart, you can easily zoom in or zoom out the pictures. The main role of the chart is to show the time frame. There are different tools used for selecting the time frame options. It is the most important part. 

B. Candlestick Chart 

The name of this chart is derived from the word candle and the look and shape of the bars are totally similar to the candle that’s why it is known as Candlestick chart. Normally the shape of the candle is cylindrical. There are two colors that indicate the difference between each other. The single bar represents the war between buyers and sellers. The buyers are also known as bulls and the sellers are known as bears. It indicates the war between bears vs bull. Normally the bars are in red and green colors. Green color indicates the buyer. With an increasing green bar, the price also increased. Once the price increased that means the buyers win the battle. 

The important points that are highlighted in this chart are the open and close prices. Now you must be thinking What is the open and close price? Let me explain to you.

The space between the bars is known as the body. Both the bars represent the difference between the seller and the buyer’s price. The opening price means starting price i.e. first selling price and the closing price means the last trade they sold. It totally depends on the time frame. 

Now you know how to read the crypto charts, I hope you understood all the points very well. Let me know if you need any help while reading the crypto charts.

Bitcoin Crash Course

Bitcoin Crash Course

Bitcoin is the one type of cryptocurrency. Now it is used everywhere. It makes life more easy and comfortable. You can easily buy or exchange the bitcoin from bitcoin atm. You can buy bitcoins with the help of a cash or debit card. For beginners, it is very important to understand how to use bitcoins, bitcoins wallets, and more things. 

In this article, the important points are explained.

Important items –

1. Smart devices like mobile phones, tabs, computer, etc. and internet connection. These are the most important items that you should have. 

2. It is very important that you should have the curiosity to learn about cryptocurrency and bitcoin.

Important Topics –

1. What is Bitcoin?

2. How to use Bitcoin?

3. Advantages of bitcoins

4. Disadvantages of bitcoins

1. What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of the famous cryptocurrencies in the world. As per Google research, it becomes the most trending cryptocurrency. It is the digital currency and it is not connected to the bank account. It works on the peer to peer connection that means no need for a third party. Directly transfer money to the user and also maintain the data of every transaction and activity. It is very safe and secure. 

2. How to use Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are used for purchasing goods and all necessary things. You can easily buy bitcoins from the bitcoin ATMs with the help of cash or debit card. After investing in bitcoin, the Bitcoin wallet generates on your mobile then you can easily access the data and maintain the data. There is no need for the third person in this process.

3. Advantages of Bitcoin

1. It is not connected to the bank account.

2. There is no need for a third party.

3. The data of bitcoins and transactions are hidden.

4.  It is a super-fast technology.

5. It works peer to peer means directly connected to the user.

4. Disadvantages of Bitcoin

1. The transaction is not refundable which means once you did the transaction then the bitcoins are not refunded from that person. 

2. All the transaction depends on the net so it is quite risky. 

Why Should We invest in Cryptocurrency ICO’s in 2018?

Why Should We invest in Cryptocurrency ICO’s in 2018?

Why should anyone invest in cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology appears to be the future we talked about some years ago and its right before us. This commercial phenomenon is stirring the global marketplace of currencies. One may want to ask why I should invest in cryptocurrencies. Well, here are a few reasons to consider:

There’s been an upsurge in bitcoin investments right from 2011 and those who had invested in it about six years back or more are smiling to the bank. Investors are still clamouring to discover the easiest means to breaking into the bitcoin market.

The next rising cryptocurrencies such as the Ethereum is experiencing the same upward surge in value as compared with US dollars, making it the next best thing to bitcoin. Following various predictions by economic and financial market veterans, Ethereum will pose a big competition and may challenge the position of bitcoin in years to come, all these are not usually quickly foreseen at the birth of any new cryptocurrencies, but after having studied the patterns, using bitcoin and ethereum as an instance, it is obvious that almost all cryptocurrencies stand an equal chance of breaking through the market if not otherwise, and you as an investor might just be very lucky.

All the aforementioned are the reasons why investing in cryptocurrencies right away is the real deal. We saw an insane surge of Cryptocurrency ICOS’s in 2017/ 2018. These are totally different from the regular stock as they strictly involve purchasing shares of a company and gaining ownership of a little percentage of the company, while purchasing bitcoin, ethereum or other cryptocurrencies will grant you digital token which you can use for numerous purposes. However, while bitcoin offers you decentralized currency with partial anonymity, ethereum grants you a part of the power through which decentralized apps operate as well as smart contracts.

Trading cryptocurrencies have been made simpler, you can choose to trade on various platforms and volumes can be offered through bank transfers or credit cards. To learn more about what cryptocurrencies are check out this helpful video.

It can be traded through coinbase which is relatively gaining popularity but has a major downside of trading off in higher fees. There are various exchanges such as GDAX, Kraken, Bitfinex, Poloniex and Gemini through which volumes are offered to banks for transactions.