Bitcoin Crash Course

Bitcoin is the one type of cryptocurrency. Now it is used everywhere. It makes life more easy and comfortable. You can easily buy or exchange the bitcoin from bitcoin atm. You can buy bitcoins with the help of a cash or debit card. For beginners, it is very important to understand how to use bitcoins, bitcoins wallets, and more things. 

In this article, the important points are explained.

Important items –

1. Smart devices like mobile phones, tabs, computer, etc. and internet connection. These are the most important items that you should have. 

2. It is very important that you should have the curiosity to learn about cryptocurrency and bitcoin.

Important Topics –

1. What is Bitcoin?

2. How to use Bitcoin?

3. Advantages of bitcoins

4. Disadvantages of bitcoins

1. What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of the famous cryptocurrencies in the world. As per Google research, it becomes the most trending cryptocurrency. It is the digital currency and it is not connected to the bank account. It works on the peer to peer connection that means no need for a third party. Directly transfer money to the user and also maintain the data of every transaction and activity. It is very safe and secure. 

2. How to use Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are used for purchasing goods and all necessary things. You can easily buy bitcoins from the bitcoin ATMs with the help of cash or debit card. After investing in bitcoin, the Bitcoin wallet generates on your mobile then you can easily access the data and maintain the data. There is no need for the third person in this process.

3. Advantages of Bitcoin

1. It is not connected to the bank account.

2. There is no need for a third party.

3. The data of bitcoins and transactions are hidden.

4.  It is a super-fast technology.

5. It works peer to peer means directly connected to the user.

4. Disadvantages of Bitcoin

1. The transaction is not refundable which means once you did the transaction then the bitcoins are not refunded from that person. 

2. All the transaction depends on the net so it is quite risky.